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Student Case Studies

The Brain Bee by Alex Herlrihy - A level Science student

The Neurology Trip; The Brain Bee; Call it what you will; Ultimately it was a fantastic experience. We went to Cardiff University and received an introduction into Neurology in the University. We got to meet students on the course and ask them questions regarding the subject and studying the subject, as well as taking part in activities to prompt our thinking, such as playing games that claim to use your brainwaves to work and deciding for ourselves if they actually do. There were quizzes and little challenges throughout the day and everyone got involved, from our college and beyond, and we got to meet and talk to other science students who shared our passions and interests. Generally, I can really say no more other than it was a valuable experience and one that I’m really glad and grateful to have had.

Cambridge Shadowing Scheme by Alex Herlrihy - A level Science student

I stayed in Cambridge from the 23rd - 25th of January on the Cambridge University shadowing scheme. When I arrived in Cambridge on the Thursday morning, I attended the opening session in Emmanuel College with all of the other Shadows. In this session we were given more information about the stay, and given a brief schedule while we waited for all of the mentors to arrive and take us along to the College that we would be staying at.
After meeting my mentor, myself and other shadows who were also staying at Jesus College were taken there and given a brief tour and shown to our rooms. Later that evening all of the shadows and mentors across all of the colleges attended a formal dinner in St. Johns College, to see what it involved, and to get to know one another.
Friday was the main day for activities/events. I attended 3 Lectures and two supervisions (personal sessions with a lecturer and 2-4 students) The lectures that I attended were Physics, Cell Biology and Materials Science, and the supervisions that I attended were Maths and Materials Science. These were very interesting, and gave me an idea what it would be like to be a student here! I then had a tour of Cambridge and was shown most of the main Colleges. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and socializing with other mentors/shadows back at Jesus College.
On Saturday morning, before leaving all shadows went to a session back in Emmanuel College where we had a talk from one of the Admissions Tutors, and had the opportunity to ask any questions we had about applying to the University.
Overall I had a lot of fun on the Scheme, it allowed me to see what it would actually be like to attend the University and find out what it would actually be like.

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