Poetry Award for College Merthyr Tydfil student!


Ethan Evans, an AS level student at the College Merthyr Tydfil has won Merthyr Tydfil Library’s Creative Writing Poetry Competition for a poem he compiled called ‘Homecoming’.

Homecoming is a Holocaust Memorial Themed poem and tells the story of Bernard, an old man going to visit his mother. The car he is riding in breaks down so he has to make the last stage of the journey on foot. Snow falls “clinging to him like white spiders” and Bernard’s hands, bloody from the thorns of the roses he’s clutching, drip “ketchup tears” onto the whitening ground.  When he arrives at his destination he crosses “through a garden of twisted wire” praying not only for his mother, but his father and sister too, all of whom are


  “Buried but not forgotten/Deep beneath the snow,

  Together at last/in the claws of Auschwitz.”


Caroline Darch, English Lecturer at The College Merthyr Tydfil commented “Ethan had the Holocaust Memorial Day in mind when he penned his poem and has managed to create a fantastic piece of writing as a moving commemoration of such a horrific event. It has captured everyone who’s read or heard it”


Ethan, who has a keen interest in creative writing, had the opportunity to read out his poem to a group of staff and students as part of a Holocaust Memorial session which was organised at the college in partnership with NIACE Dysgu Cymru.


Ethan belongs to The Writer’s group within the college and several writing groups across the local community. He hopes to go on to study English Literature at University.


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