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Learner Voice 2018

The Learner Voice survey provides an opportunity for all learners enrolled in further education to give their views on several aspects of their course/training. In 2017/2018 51% (823 learners out of 1623 eligible learners) completed the survey.The outcomes of the survey illustrate that 84% of learners rated their experience with us as good - excellent with 91% of learners stating that they would recommend us to friends or family. Some of the individual comments and feedback arising from the survey, are highlighted below:


  • The lecturers treat us like adults and make us take responsibility yet they still give us the support we need when we need it.
  • Friendly staff and classes always makes me feel welcome.
  • If you are struggling then the tutors will sit down and explain it you.
  • Welcoming and friendly staff. The atmosphere is lovely. If you have any problems there are staff ready to help you.
  • The best thing about the college is the teaching and the staff. The tutors are very helpful and supporting. I like that I am treated like an adult in college and also the freedom it gives me.
  • I like how every tutor I have treats me as an equal and is easy to relate to.
  • The college is somewhere that allows you to feel like a young adult, we get treated with respect no matter who you are, where you from, gender or race.
  • Very friendly. Accepting welcoming.
  • It is a safe friendly environment and the tutors are very helpful.
  • I like the fact that as a bisexual female I am welcomed and there are flags around and I love and appreciate the fact that the toilets have now got a transgender sign on the doors and I just feel as if I won’t be judged for the way I love or look.
  • I feel really welcomed and feel like I can talk to my teachers about anything, also I think the college will help me get into university and try to do the best for me




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