College receives a five star review for its powerful performance of Titus Andronicus!


The college’s creative industries division has received a fantastic five star review for its powerful performance of Titus Andronicus. The production, which was staged as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival, focused on a modern version of the Shakespeare play, featuring the story of the general Titus Andronicus, who returns to Rome from a war against the Goths, bringing with him the queen Tamora and her three sons as prisoners of war.

Directed by Kayleigh Adlam and Jo Richards, the production incorporated original text, a range of practitioners and physical theatre sequences.

Reviewing the production, Laurence Chater from the Shakespeare Schools Festival, paid tribute to the directors and cast for such an accomplished, powerful, elegant and original production, highlighting in particular:

  • The powerful physical theatre sequence used to show the pie being made and eaten
  • The very strong ensemble work throughout the piece, with almost every scene complimented by choreographed movement pieces and dance to illustrate the action of the play.
  • The strong acting, professionalism and team work displayed by the cast.


Laurence also commended the cast on their ability to portray the characters’ complex emotions throughout the piece, which he states, was hugely impressive.


Congratulations to all of the cast and crew who made it happen and we look forward to seeing next year’s production.

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