Health and Social Care Division awarded Careers Wales Mark


The Health and Care Division at The College Merthyr Tydfil have been awarded the prestigious Careers Wales Mark in recognition of their continuous improvements to the delivery of the Careers and the World of Work Framework as part of their core curriculum. The Framework, which seeks to ensure that young people are ready to take their place in a rapidly changing world of work within the global economy, accredits establishments that have demonstrated they have active procedures in place to ensure a continuous improvement in outcomes for learners.

Over the last year, the division has worked hard to make sure that it successfully meets all of the required targets in the World of Work Framework. This hard work paid off last week when the division received the news that they had been successful in attaining the accreditation.

Nicola Meek, Head of Health and Care commented “We have always strived to provide an element of career advice and management skills across all of our curriculum. Going through the process of achieving the Careers Wales Mark, has encouraged us to ‘pause and reflect’ on this curriculum and think carefully about how we could improve outcomes for our learners”


These improvements have all been achieved, leading to our learners now being able to demonstrate a number of the skills, attitudes and values that the CWW Framework aims to develop, including; self-awareness, perseverance, decision making and communication.


Congratulating the team,  Michael O’Keefe, Careers and the World of Work Co-ordinator commented “Having processes in place that enable staff to continually review and improve provision relating to the requirements of the Careers and the World of Work framework, results in an enriched learning experience for learners. In this difficult economic climate it is more important than ever to provide engaging and informative careers and work related education programmes for all learners, equipping them with career management skills and preparing them to enter the world of work” 

As well as the long-term benefits to learners’ future lives, there is evidence that good career guidance also brings benefits in the shorter term, while learners are still in education. These benefits include better motivation once learners have clear goals for future study and careers, leading to higher self-esteem, higher attainment and reduced drop-out rates.

The Accreditation is valid from October 2014 to October 2017 and the division will be ensuring that it continually assesses its provision and identifies areas for further improvement across this period.

For further information on the courses on offer, please contact Nicola Meek, Head of Division:


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